Converter Control

We are experts in the development and testing of control algorithms, as well as measurements and data logging systems.

The board

The base board contains internal power supplies, signal conditioning and IO connectors. The SOM contains dual core processor, memory, storage and an FPGA. The board is composed of smaller building blocks, making it possible to customize a base board to your specific application


The converter controller board consists of a PowerCon Embedded developed base board, and a SOM CPU-module (System on Mocule). The SOM contains dual core processor, memory, storage and an FPGA.

Design Principles

Converter Control and beyond

Our converter controller board is developed for converter control, but it is so much more ... Using the controller board, we can help you:


Building Blocks

IO Connectors

Logging of Data

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"It has been a pleasure to work with PowerCon Embedded. The cooperation has been seamless and efficient, and PowerCon Embedded has added value from day one. We will definitely use PowerCon Embedded again."
Henrik Lykke Christiansen
SW Manager, KK Wind Solutions
"I have never before seen such a complex project completed in such a short time and with such success"
Finn Høeg
VP, Controls & Electrical at OGIN