Here is a small sample of projects we have handled:


Full Scale Converter for Wind Turbine

We were contacted to design and build a new full-scale converter, provided that we could develop a tailor-made, state-of-the-art solution at a cost level that could compete with known standard converters – but without compromising quality and technical compliance.

In collaboration with the company and PowerCon A/S we designed, developed and build a full-scale power system including cabinets, power-stage, filters, cooling system, converter controller and software.


We delivered a technical design and a solution that in addition to meeting all the specified requirements also provided ownership, control and flexibility.
Since the company gained ownership of the design, it was possible to integrate the converter and the control systems into the same cabinet and place it in the nacelle – which had a major impact on cost.

In just 10 months and after having spend 12.000 hours, we delivered a 100% operational full scale converter – on time and on budget.

“I have never before seen such a complex project completed in such a short time and with such success.”
– Finn Høeg
Ogin, Vice President, Controls and Electrical




KK Wind Solutions wanted to speed up project execution, to ensure successful retrofit of two types of wind turbines, and contracted us to provide two services:


1) Make a Hardware-in-the-loop (HIL)test system, to simulate the drive-train, generator, thyristor and the grid


2) Increase capacity of the software application team by applying resources and knowledge.

Based on our Project Accelerators and customized interfaces, HIL system 1 was ready within just 6 weeks
and HIL system 2 was ready after additional 12 weeks. The HIL systems was turn-key projects, which was
developed and tested in PowerCon Embedded laboratories, and subsequently integrated at KK Wind Solutions
test setup. The HIL systems involved hardware design, FPGA design, MATLAB modeling with
code generation, and software development.


“It has been a pleasure to work with PowerCon Embedded. The cooperation has been seamlessly and efficient, and PowerCon Embedded has added value from day one. We will definitely use PowerCon Embedded again.”

– Henrik Lykke Christiansen

Manager, SW department


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Converter Controller Board


The Converter Controller Board consists of a PowerCon Embedded developed base board and a SOM CPU-module (System on Module). The Base board contains internal power supplies, signal conditioning and IO connecters. The SOM contains dual core processor, memory, storage and an FPGA.

Design Principles

* Analog inputs are transformed to the digital domain as soon as possible

* All inputs are supervised in a defense line in the FPGA

* All outputs can be inhibited by the defense line in the FPGA

* PWM timing is controlled by the FPGA

* The DSP core is used for signal processing and control

* The ARM core is used as housekeeping and data communication



The base board is composed of smaller building blocks, making it possible to customize a base board to your specific application.


Control Engine


The Control Engine is a highly flexible framework for executing control software. The design goals are to move complexity to a controlled build environment, and via scripting to generate robust run-time software with low complexity.

The Control Engine makes heavy use of scripting and code generation. In essence, the aim is to move error prone software complexity from the target to the build system. This benefits from a highly configurable software platform, and can be achieved while maintaining a very stable and simple software architecture on the target platform.


Design Description

For each module:

* Inputs and outputs defined

* Internal data defined

* Configuration/parameters defined

* Header-file generated


Modules are combined into systems:

* Outputs are connected to inputs

* Scan rates are defined

Control Engine is generated:

* All inputs must be connected
* Execution order and re-sampling handled.


Multi Level Converter


The aim of the project is the development and manufacturing of a multi megawatt converter system that not only complies with state-of-the-art requirements and features within the wind turbine industry, but also significantly lowers the cost compared with the prices known from the industry today.


Looking at the market today the common systems available are divided into cost competitive, low-voltage, two-level converter systems, and various medium-voltage systems that in some applications can offer increased system efficiency but normally also at a higher cost. The main challenge for the project is to combine the technical benefits from various known systems and expand these to the future turbine needs without compromising with the overall driver of keeping the cost of the system at a minimum.

For system verification and future cooperation, we are looking for a suitable test partner.



You can read more about the project at EUDP (in Danish)


Here are some of the things we offer:


Power Converter R&D


– Strong background in demanding high-speed applications for Wind Turbines.

With our strong background in wind turbine converter systems, we have in-depth knowledge of design, implementation and test of controllers for power converters.


In addition we also have extensive experience with wind turbine control in general, as well as an understanding of systems regarding interactions between turbine drive train, generator and power converter.


Control System Improver:


– We test control algorithms and make test-, measurement-, and logging systems.
Our converter controller board is developed for converter control, but it is so much more …


Using the controller board, we can help you with:

* Evaluate high-speed algorithms

* Make a test system

* Perform measurements and logging of data



Burn-in and Win!

Contact us for independent power component failure analysis and actions.
We are experienced with analysis of down-time, and are working systematic with using e.g. Six Sigma tools.


We can help you:

* Perform root cause analysis

* Data mining and distinguish between root cause errors and consequential errors

* Identify failing components

* Suggest corrective actions

* Development of burn-in equipment


Embedded Systems on Chip (SoC)


Experts on integration of ARM, DSP and FPGA for demanding applications

We are experienced in both hardware and software development of demanding controller systems using SoC’s.



Our knowledge is based on:

* Texas Instruments OMAP (ARM + DSP)

* Texas Instruments DSP C67xx

* Xilinx Spartan 6 FPGA

* Altera Max V CPLD



Wind Turbine MW converter


– In the market for a fully customized state-of-the-art power converter?

Get your own power converter design matching your exact needs!



PowerCon Embedded and PowerCon are the perfect team for development of new power converters for wind turbines.

We are experienced in all phases and all aspects of power converter development and turbine integration, and have participated in or delivered converters in the range from 100 kW to 16 MW.



Continuous Software Integration


Contact us for automating your software build, -test and -release processes.

Continuous integration is a very efficient way to develop quality software.

To ensure consistency, software build and software test must be automated.
A continuous integration server is used to automate the entire process from: Source compilation, linking, making release packages to test execution:

Build- and test steps are defined as ordered jobs. Each job is evaluated and may trig another job. Ultimately a job is failed or succeeded.

All preconditions are traceable: Source files, CPU load, memory usage, etc.

By testing small increments, issues are are detected as soon as possible, while context is fresh in developers mind, and thus ensuring fast bug fixing.



Based on our experience with VirtualBox, Jenkins-CI, SVN, git, Python and Bash/Powershell, we offer:

* Analysis of your software build and test processes, and recommendation for automation

* Install and configure virtual server

* Install and configure continuous integration server

* Install and configure version control systems

* Automate builds and tests



Grid Compliance?


Contact us to understand grid compliance needs, implementations and tests.

We are experienced in interpreting grid connection requirements in Europe and US.



We can help you:

* Identify needed performance improvements via grid simulation

* Design your power system for grid compliance

* Perform field tests