Team Competences

When you engage with PowerCon Embedded, you are not just engaging with individuals and their competences. You are engaging with a team.
We are a solid team that have worked together for a long time. We complement each other well and know each others strengths and interests. As a result we can go straight to business.
Our team have the knowhow for developing state-of-the-art embedded applications. We have been in the business long enough to know that delivering the required functionality is important but it is typically not what makes the difference between a good and a bad solution. The real challenge is to develop a product that seamlessly integrates into customer products and that is architectured in a way that facilitates easy adaptation to changes. We don’t want to be a black-box. We want the customer to look inside and see the possibilities of fully integrating the product.
We operate on the principle: Keep it simple. We want to apply our effort where we can make a difference. We are big fans of Linux and open-source tools, and we like proven concepts.
Our main area of competence is applications that requires high-speed closed-loop control. In addition, our competences also covers communication interfaces, tools and GUI for data communication and remote control, tools and scripting for testing.
Our competences covers all aspects of embedded systems: hardware design, software design, system simulations, tests, maturing for production, and outsourcing production.


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