We offer an adaptive business model based on your needs




Turnkey Solutions

If you want to out-source a well-defined project, the turnkey solution is for you. A turnkey solution is an end-to-end product development where we in unison define the requirements, and you follow the project at milestones. Turnkey projects are offered as fixed price or time/material.

Our HIL-system is a great example of a turnkey solution, and you can read about it here.



Expert Consultancy

In need of expert knowledge? Choose expert consultancy if you have your own project and you are in need of our expert resources. This service is perfect for Product Design and Development, Tooling, Specialist Reviews, Technical Due-Diligence, Root Cause Analysis, Project Management, Product Management.



Customer Projects

If your requirements evolve during the project, or if you want to execute the project in collaboration, then this is the right solution. Your involvement will be well defined and work/requirements are prioritized on regular basis. Customer projects are also suitable as technology transfer and knowledge growth. Customer projects are offered as time boxed or time/material.

You can read more about a costumer project regarding a Full Scale Converter here.




Do you need help to maintain our previous deliveries, or to maintain your existing products? We are offering maintenance of software OS and libraries, update hardware to handle outdated/obsolete components, adding new software/hardware features, debugging and field performance improvement.

We take care of maintenance, while your team focus on exciting new developments.