KK Wind Solutions is developing control systems for both new turbines and for retrofit of existing turbines.


In order to speed up project execution, to ensure successful retrofit of two wind turbines types and to be ready for the wind season, PowerCon Embedded was contracted to provide two services:


– Make a HW-in-the-loop (HIL) test system, to simulate the drivetrain, generator, thyristor and the grid

– Increase capacity of the SW application team by applying resources and knowledge

KK Wind Solutions accelerated execution on a high-profile customer project in the green-tech business. PowerCon Embedded delivered a highly skilled development team that boosted progress and ensured timely deliverables.

Based on PowerCon Embeddeds Project Accelerators and customized interfaces, HIL system 1 was ready within just 6 weeks, and HIL system 2 was ready after additional 12 weeks. HIL1 is a simple system simulation while HIL2 has more advanced simulation of the power system.


The HIL systems was turn-key projects, which was developed and tested in PowerCon Embeddeds laboratories, and subsequently integrated at KK Wind Solutions test setup. The HIL systems involved HW design, FPGA design, matlab modeling with code generation and SW development.

With the experience and domain-knowledge of the PowerCon Embedded team within wind turbine applications and wind turbine integration, PowerCon Embedded was able to contribute immediately to development, test, integration and configuration of multiple wind turbine subsystems. The team worked seamlessly with the customer project team and had responsibility for its own deliverables. The job was handled on-site/off-site as best fitted the individual tasks and the needs of the customer.


Thanks to the effort of PowerCon Embedded, KK Wind Solutions has managed to reduce the risk in the projects and advance the time of delivery to the customer.

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It has been a pleasure to work with PowerCon Embedded. The cooperation has been seamless and efficient, and PowerCon Embedded has added value from day one. We will definitely use PowerCon Embedded again.

Henrik Lykke Christiansen

SW MANAGER, KK Wind Solutions

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