Our Team

We are a solid team that have worked together for a long time. We complement each other well and know each others strengths and interests. As a result we can go straight to business. Our team have the knowhow for developing state-of-the-art embedded applications.


Anders Lodberg Jørgensen


Embedded Hardware & Platforms

B.Sc.E.E. from Odense Engineering College in 1994. 20+ years of experience within embedded hardware platforms for demanding applications. 15+ years in the wind turbine industry.

Claus Køpke


System Software & Project Management

B.Sc.E.E. from Aarhus Engineering College in 1990. 15+ years of experience in development and operation of system software for the wind industry.

Mads Lind Christiansen

Embedded software, Design & testing

B.Sc.E.E. from University of South Denmark in 2001. 20+ years experience in software development.

Morten Nymann Weje

System Architecture & SW Design

M.Sc.E.E from Aalborg University, specializing in Acustics and Signal Processing in 2001. 20+ years of experience in development and operation of system software for the wind industry.

Interns and students


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Seamless Integration

We have been in the business long enough to know that delivering the required functionality is important but it is typically not what makes the difference between a good and a bad solution. The real challenge is to develop a product that seamlessly integrates into customer products and that is architectured in a way that facilitates easy adaptation to changes.

keep it simple.

We don’t want to be a black-box. We want the customer to look inside and see the possibilities of fully integrating the product. We operate on the principle: Keep it simple. We want to apply our effort where we can make a difference. We are big fans of Linux and open-source tools, and we like proven concepts.

Specialized knowledge

We are specialists in high-speed closed-loop control applications. We also specialize in communication interfaces, tools and GUI for data communication and remote control and scripting for testing. Our competences covers all aspects of embedded systems: hardware design, software design, system simulations, tests, maturing for production, and outsourcing production.

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