Power Converter R&D

We have a strong background in demanding high-speed applications for wind turbines

What is IoT?

Internet of Things is an umbrella term used to describe devices that measure or create data, send the data to a cloud platform where the data is analyzed, processed, and acted upon.

iOt is everywhere

Not only in our personal household with smart fridges, power outlets, or cars, but also in the industry. Thousands of data point measurements are being recorded, transmitted and processed as we speak.

why is it useful?

Having a device measure and send data is not useful on its own, however, using the data unlocks several value streams:

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Most frequent questions and answers

With our strong background in wind turbine converter systems, we have in-depth knowledge of design, implementation and test of controllers for power converters.

In addition we also have extensive experience with wind turbine control in general, as well as an understanding of systems regarding interactions between turbine drive train, generator and power converter.

  • From scratch full converter system development
  • Participation in existing converter system projects
  • Test systems for software development
  • Closed loop simulation of drive train
  • Prototype production

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Demandig High-Speed Applications

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Wind Turbine Control

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Power Converters

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Research and Development

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"It has been a pleasure to work with PowerCon Embedded. The cooperation has been seamlessly and efficient, and PowerCon Embedded has added value from day one. We will definitely use PowerCon Embedded again.
Henrik Lykke Christiansen
SW Manager, KK Wind Solutions
"I have never before seen such a complex project completed in such a short time and with such success"
Finn Høeg
VP, Controls & Electrical at OGIN

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