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Press release

Press release

World-leading shore power supplier welcomes software company into the fold!

PowerCon A/S continues its growth and announces merger with PowerCon Embedded A/S.

The market for shore power is growing significantly and the demand for shore power for both cruise – and container vessels has increased dramatically worldwide. The growth is a consequence of the green transition, in which environmental concerns are increasingly prioritized by the ports, both regionally as well as across the globe.

To face the continuing demand, PowerCon and PowerCon Embedded have entered into a merger agreement. The agreement further strengthens the company in terms of both expertise and resources.


Statement from Partner, CEO Kim B. Larsen, PowerCon A/S

“We are very happy that this merger has been agreed on and that we strengthen our organisation with many years of experience within our key competencies, test arrays for the wind turbine industry and shore power.

The opportunity to strengthen our organisation even further will also be aided, since by adding two offices – giving us a total of four in Jutland (Hadsund, Hobro, Hinnerup and Aulum) – it will be possible to recruit new talent from a much greater geographical area.”


Statement from Partner, CEO Anders L. Jørgensen, PowerCon Embedded A/S

“We are happy to announce that based on PowerCon’s growth and success within the businesses of shore power as well as test systems and in conjunction with a strong wish from our side in PowerCon Embedded to achieve a greater product proximity, we have agreed to merge our companies.

Through a merger we will be able to support PowerCon’s areas of business efficiently while continuing to support those business partners, with whom PowerCon Embedded over the past ten years have had the pleasure of doing business with.”


A collaboration between the two companies is nothing new, though, as PowerCon Embedded A/S for several years have been a vital and trusted business partner and supplier of software and software development for PowerCon A/S.

The first step of the merger is to make PowerCon Embedded A/S a fully owned subsidiary of PowerCon A/S. The practical completion of the merger will come into effect over the coming months and the first steps will be taken in June, during which the focus will be on streamlining the workflows and processes in the two companies to the benefit of both clients as well as employees.


For more information, please contact:

PowerCon A/S – Partner/CEO Kim B. Larsen,, tel. +45 3127 2613
PowerCon A/S – Partner/CSO, Peter Castberg Knudsen,, tel. +45 2782 8683
PowerCon Embedded A/S – Partner/CEO, Anders L. Jørgensen,, tel. +45 2565 5522

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