Privacy Policy

Privacy policy for og, hereafter referred to as PowerCon Embedded A/S

1. Purpose

The purpose of this privacy policy is to explain how we obtain, protect and use personal information. We fully respect any wishes for secrecy of personal information, and we are aware of the need for appropriate protection and suitable use of all the personal information we obtain. The objective for PowerCon Embedded A/S is to protect your personal information, no matter how this information is obtained, how they are transmitted to third party, and how they are stored.
In this instance, personal information covers all information that can be used to identify a person, including, but not limited to somebody’s first and last name, private address or other physical address, e-mail address and other contact information, regardless of whether they pertain somebody’s private address or work place.

2. What kind of information does PowerCon Embedded A/S obtain?

As a rule, PowerCon Embedded A/S does not obtain personal information. If you contact us through e-mail, we only obtain your e-mail address along with other information you chose to send to us through e-mail. We request that you don’t send us personal information through e-mail to PowerCon Embedded A/S.
We don’t collect any personal information unless you provide it on your own initiative.
When you contact us through e-mail, you thereby accept that we can collect and use the information you send us.

3. With whom does PowerCon Embedded A/S share their information?

PowerCon Embedded A/S does not transmit your information to third parties!

4. How does PowerCon Embedded A/S obtain information?

Besides the information you provide when e-mailing us, we do not gather personal information, and we only use cookies for statistical purposes, and to ensure that our website runs as smoothly as possible.

5. Security

PowerCon Embedded A/s does not gather or transmit personal information, unless they are sent to us through e-mail to PowerCon Embedded A/S. We kindly request that you do not send us any sensitive personal information (e.g. CPR-number) through e-mail to PowerCon Embedded A/S.
All computers at PowerCon Embedded A/S are protected through Microsoft Defender Firewall, BitDefender or similar standards.

6. Links

Our website contain links to other websites. Please observe, that by following these links you will be transferred to another website. We encourage you to read through their privacy policies, since their procedure for gathering and use of personal information may be different from our procedures at PowerCon Embedded A/S

7. Updates and insights

You always have the right to object against the gathering of personal information on you. You also have the right to correction of wrongful personal information, and a right to deletion of personal information. These rights are stated in the law on personal data (GDPR) and any inquiry on this matter is to be directed to PowerCon Embedded A/S through e-mail:

8. Contact PowerCon Embedded A/S

If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy, our use of personal information or the like, you are welcome to contact us:

PowerCon Embedded A/S
Samsøvej 33
8380 Hinnerup