Retrofit Wind Turbine

We have extensive knowledge in wind turbine hardware, software and test systems. Our experience encompasses several wind turbine retrofitting projects, going from control systems to new converter boards.

retrofit wind turbine

Retrofitting a wind turbine is replacing components in the wind turbine with new components. Usually, it is happening because the old wind turbine is no longer supported and our customer wants to take over the control of the wind turbine.

Retrofitting a wind turbine means that an old turbine gets new components to optimize its' power production or make it easier to maintain or support. The control system (computer and software) is replaced. This may also include the converter controller and associated electronics like gatedrivers, etc.

How we can help you?

Thanks to our experience, we can help in several stages of wind turbine retrofitting projects, such as hardware redesign, software development, test systems, cost-out projects etc.

Our detailed experience in wind turbine control, data collection, monitoring, electrical and converter system expertise, software development for critical systems, test systems and control systems, can help solve the challenges of retrofitting a turbine.

retrofit wind turbine BENEFITS

Hardware Redesign

Custom hardware development, with
easy software integration.
Plug-and play in existing turbine.

Test systems

Support with FAT, SAT, HIL test systems

Software Development

Precise software and hardware integration.
Updated control software.

Cost-out Projects

Save money on your development.
Optimal R&D, Production & Component selection.

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What our customers say

"It has been a pleasure to work with PowerCon Embedded. The cooperation has been seamless and efficient, and PowerCon Embedded has added value from day one. We will definitely use PowerCon Embedded again."
Henrik Lykke Christiansen
SW Manager, KK Wind Solutions
"I have never before seen such a complex project completed in such a short time and with such success"
Finn Høeg
VP, Controls & Electrical at OGIN