Turbine Data Storage & Analytics

KK Wind Solutions (KKWS) has more than 35 years of experience working with wind turbine systems and subsystems. More than 65% of offshore wind turbines are equipped with KKWS solutions, in over 25.000 turbines.

KKWS asked PowerCon Embedded, to help them find a solution for backing up data from their turbine logging system. They were concerned, that their data logger could get full and they might lose some that that may be crucial in one of their projects.

Over 1.5 million data points were saved every hour, for one turbine, resulting in 30-40 million entries each day. The amount of data quickly increases when more turbines are added, adding to the necessity of a Big Data solution

KKWS asked PowerCon Embedded, to help them find a solution for backing up data from their turbine logging system. 

The requested solution should be able to back up all the data, store it in an efficient way and make it easily accessible to the various stakeholders taking part in the project. The cloud based solution, should provide easy interface to the data and integration with Data Visualisation and Data Analytics tools, for Big Data.

After a collaborative technology investigation process, whereby several database types and cloud architectures were discussed, a solution was agreed upon. 

The Proof of Concept (PoC) consisted of a cloud architecture setup in Microsoft Azure, a Time-Series Database implementation, which allows for efficient and quick storage of Big Data, a backup agent that gathers the data from the turbine and a Data Analytics layer connected with the Time-Series Database.

The Time-Series Database chosen, came bundled with Data Analytics and Data Visualisation tools, allowing for the Big Data to be backed up, but it also provides easy access to the data and analytics to relevant stakeholders in the project.

Through a great collaborative effort with KKWS, PowerCon Embedded managed to plan, develop, implement, document and hand-over a fully functional PoC in less than 2 months. 

The cloud based solution, albeit a PoC, is designed to be easily scallable and depending on the outcome of the PoC it can be extended to all the turbines runnig KKWS data logging systems, resulting in a truly Big Data setup, with Data Analytics and Visualisation tools.

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PowerCon Embedded helped us carry out an technology assessment and architecture design of a cloud based data collection and analysis platform. They managed to design the architecture, select technologies and develop a working prototype within a very short time period.


We experience PowerCon Embedded as very easy to cooperate with, they are competent and always deliver as agreed.


Rasmus Nielsen

Director, Software Engineering

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